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Epoxy floor coating installation

BRY – the official distributor of Samhwa in VietNam

09/28/2019 ;

BRY – the official distributor of Samhwa in VietNam

SAMHWA Group, since its outset in early 1946 with main products are paints and synthetic resins, which has been developed into a world-class paint company with a lot of experience and accumulated technology. Products of Samhwa have happened in most construction industries all over the world.  Its headquarter is located in Seoul -Korea, Samhwa is building  abroad range of factory  and  affiliated companies in Vietnam, India, China, Malaysia,..With annual revenue is about 500 millions USD, Samhwa is sustainable development  and continue to expand market share globally.

Take off to a new era, Samhwa  will open a new page of history of paint. To suit the word “best”, Samhwa takes off to become unapproachably  the best paint company  with it’s love for new challenges and passionate enthusiasm. In the 21st century, it is the paint industry that will make the world beautiful and Samhwa will be the company that realizes that dream.


With more than 10 years experience working in the field of industrial construction, especially the paint industry. In 2016, BRY Company officially became Samhwa’s strategic partner in Vietnam market. BRY Company is a genuine distributor of Samhwa products, we not only provide quality products but also technical support for the application of self-leveling epoxy paints, epoxy coatings (epoxy paint rollers). , fireproof paint, polyurethane (PU) paint, steel structure paint, waterproof paint, concrete hardening chemicals, … for production plants, warehouse basements, hospital schools, clean rooms, pool, …

Some typical products of SAMHWA are distributed by us in Vietnam:

  1. Epoxy floor coating system:
  • Self-leveling paint Epocoat 5100 (SVH);

> Detail here


  • Self-leveling paint Epocoat 210 (SVH)

> Detail here

2.  Fireproof coating system:

  • FLAMECHECK SS-210 fireproof paint


3. Waterproofing coating system:


The detail of layer:

– Urethane Waterproof Master 100

– Urethane Waterproof Master 200

– Urethane Waterproof Master 355



> > Detail here:

4. One-component PU waterproofing paint CTMAX.


5. Paint steel structure


6. Paint of clean water tank

7. Paint of waste water tank

8. Anti-chemical paint

9.  Anti-corrosion paints

10. Heat-resistant paints

11. Environmentally friendly paints, pool paint


BRY Company develops SAMHWA’s distribution system and retail system nationwide. Looking forward to bringing good quality products and affordable prices to the Vietnamese weather to consumers, we are honored to cooperate with you interested in the products of SAMHWA company.

For us “Doing well from the beginning” is the promise, the honor of a collective for customers and the success of the Owner. Customers can trust BRY to successfully implement their projects with the best cost, quality and efficiency.

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