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Epoxy floor coating installation

Machines for epoxy coating installation

07/26/2016 ;

Machines for epoxy coating installation

Epoxy coating installation for workshops’ floor is not as same as conventional paint installation. Epoxy coating installation requires modern equipments and machines to ensure not only the right technique and aesthetics, but also the progress of work. Without those  equipments and machines, it will be very hard to do the surface treatment, surface cleaning and  2-component coat mixing.

Here is the list of machines we use for Epoxy coating installation:

No.Name of MachineImageAmountQuality
1.Industrial Concrete Grinding Machine10398%
2.Big Industrial Concrete Grinding Machine Máy mài nền cỡ lớn0199%
3.Paint Sprayer may phun son0399%










PU Foam Sprayer Máy phun PU foam0199%
5.floor sanding machines chà nhám0398%
6.Big Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 50699%
7.Small Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Máy hút bụi cỡ bé0499%
8.Orbital sander 40698%
9.7-inch Concrete Grinding Machine aá1098%
10.4-inch Concrete Grinding Machine 21097%
11.Big gas torch fgf0298%
12.Concrete breaker sghg0399%
13.concrete drilling 70599%
14.Electrical paint mixer dgthgh1098%
15.laser level machine Máy cân mực laze0299%
16.Air Extractor 80599%
17.30 kilo Scale clock 90599%
18.Digital Scale àdsfd0399%
19.Rollers rulo gai khử bọt98%
20.Concrete moisture meter Máy đô độ ẩm bê tông0599%

The above list includes machines and equipments frequently used in the process of epoxy coating installation, and some other ones not mentioned.

BRY has many years of epoxy coating installation experience in the North of Vietnam with a full set of modern machines and tools for every project.

For futher information of epoxy  coating installation process, please contact us, our team of advisors will answer all your questions right away.


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