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What is concrete floor polishing?

07/20/2016 ;

What is concrete floor polishing?

Polishing concrete floors can transform concrete floors, whether new or old, into smooth, durable and appealing surfaces. Polished concrete floor has extremely low maintenance cost and is perfect for a lot of worksites including commercial buildings, industrial plants and warehouses.

What is concrete floor polishing?

Polished concrete floor is a high-gloss floor, a result achieved with the help of  diamond grinding machine. This equipment uses diamond grinding disc to grind concrete floor in a scientific and reasonable way to achieve brightness, gloss and smoothness.

Polished concrete floor can also be dyed or colored using special pigments to create the pattern and color diversity.

Advantages of concrete floor polishing:853312

  • Sustainable and strong
  • Shiny and smooth surface
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-slip
  • Long lasting brightness
  • Low maintenance costs

Polishing concrete floor is a perfect solution and particularly preferred for use in commercial buildings and industry. You can see that concrete floors are polished in many places such as hotels, offices, showrooms, restaurants, warehouses…etc.

BRYepoxy also provides concrete floor coloring service, using a wide variety of pigments. Our service can be expected to turn your rough concrete floors into an expensive marble-like or ceramic-like surfaces.

For futher information of our services as well as finding solutions for your floor, please contact us, our team of advisors will answer all your questions right away.


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