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Epoxy floor coating installation

Epoxy self-leveling coating

07/14/2016 ;

Epoxy self-leveling coating

What is Epoxy self-leveling coating?

Epoxy self-leveling coating is a type of epoxy paint based on the principle of self-leveling that can easily cover the surface imperfections on the concrete floor.

Why choose Epoxy self-leveling coating?

If you know the benefits of this product, we are sure that you will not hesitate to choose Epoxy self-leveling coating for your workshop. There are many prominent uses such as:son-nen-epoxy-nha-xuong-co-dien-bac-ninh-5

  • Being resistant to scratches and external impacts
  • Being resistant to chemicals and heat
  • Being anti-slip even when being wet
  • Creating high-gloss and beautiful surfaces
  • Creating smooth, seamless, easy to clean  surfaces
  • Many choices of bright and attractive colors
  • There is a variety of thickness for various projects


BRYepoxy was recognized and trusted by the Customers to be an option for epoxy self-leveling coating installation for many works such as the electric wires manufacturing factory, garage, tea processing plant, commercial kitchens, hospitals, …

Your house and workshop floors are old and have cracks? Want a shiny durable, eye-catching unique floor? Our epoxy self-leveling coating is the ideal choice for you.

With a team of skilled, well-trained workers and a specific workflow with continuous technical innovations and in-time services, BRYepoxy will bring you a floor exceeded all expectations .

For futher information of epoxy  as well as finding solutions for your workshop, please contact us, our team of advisors will answer all your questions right away.


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